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Hello, here is the mission statement that everyone told me I had to write:

I wanted to wear women’s lingerie that fit me well and looked sexy to women and more importantly, held in my droopy parts. I always had a fear of rejection when I dressed in women’s clothes, so I asked Jessica Louise to design some panties and dresses for me that weren’t too frilly or sissy looking. I wanted look like a man who is proud of his feminine side, It’s a scary thing to do, but once I did it…. I never felt so free. The other thing I noticed is that as I started wearing these clothes with more confidence, the more attractive I became. Well that's arguable, but at least I felt more attractive, and that’s what really matters. So I give you the first Fatale line of men’s panties and dresses specifically designed for regular dudes that just wanna be able to dress how they want to. Don’t just dream it, wear it!


Fat Mike


A few words from Jessica Louise:

I am a womenswear designer based Downtown Los Angeles for the past 15 years. For the last several years I have been making panties and dresses for my dear friend Mike. When he asked me if I would consider designing Fatale for him of course I said yes. Fashion for me has always been about inclusion, making people feel beautiful in what I am creating for them. All sizes, genders, backgrounds. I also believe fashion is for expressing your inner self. I hope with the inception of Fatale some of you will feel included in fashion options that have not been available for you. 

I look forward to your creative feedback and letting us know what you want to see next from Fatale in the future.

All my very best. With love,